Distilled In Royal DEeside, Aberdeenshire

57.0563ºN, 2.4293ºW


A Scottish Gin For Whisky Lovers

"If we were to make a gin with such depth and finish as a Single Malt Whisky, how would you go about making it?"

HRAFN GIN was created by the whisky-loving brothers, Peter and Callum in 2018 with a commitment to create a gin with such depth and finish as a Single Malt. The unique "Journey of Taste" of HRAFN, which is deeper in Flavour, longer in Finish and smoother in Taste, allows you to drink it neat, rewriting the story of Gin. 

With the recognition by impartial competitive bodies of Integrity awarding Gold, Silver & Bronze medals for the HRAFN GIN Collection and becoming one of the most award-winning Gins in the world, Mr. Discovery is proud to introduce the "Scottish Gin for Whisky Lovers" to you!


The Collection

Thought & Memory Red Label - 001 (No Sha
Valhalla Gin - 001 (No Shadow).png
Winter Edition - 001 (No Shadow).png
Gold Gin Masters Asia 2020.png

The Characteristics

Deeper in Flavour ...

The Mandarin

There is the mandarin. It gives HRAFN GIN a deep and resonant citrus that overlays the juniper.

Then, there is a warming spice that develops into a tingling sensation in the mouth. The combination of these two gives the depth of taste to HRAFN. 


The Brand Story


For millennia, in the twilight world of myth, the raven has symbolised both intellect and insight. In Nordic tradition two Ravens, HUGINN and MUNINN - meaning THOUGHT and MEMORY - serve Odin, the King of the Gods. They are his winged scouts.  His eyes over distant lands. They travel the nine worlds of the Viking cosmos and return with its secrets. HRAFN GIN takes its inspiration from HUGINN and MUNINN.

The Name

"HRAFN (pronounced 'Ra-vn') is Old Norse for Raven."



HRAFN Interviews

PETER SIM (Raven Spirits Director) interview with the Gin Foundry

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PETER SIM (Raven Spirits Director) interview with The Gin Cooperative

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PETER SIM (Raven Spirits Director) "Meet the Founder" with the Gin Cooperative

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CALLUM & PETER SIM (Raven Spirits Founders) "Meet the Duo behind Raven Spirits" 

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