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Distilled In Royal DEeside, Aberdeenshire

57.0563ºN, 2.4293ºW

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An Exceptional Gin

Distilling of VALHALLA takes more than three times that of standard gins, using only the choicest ingredients and the smoothest purity of wheat based spirit to give an Ultra-Premium Gin, that is cut at 49%. 

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Juniper Berries

Mandarin Peel

Coriander Seed

Cassia Bark

Cubeb Pepper

Angelica Root

Orris Root




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Gold 2020

Gin Masters Asia


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International Wine & Spirits Competition (London Dry)

San Francisco World Spirits_Silver 2020.


San Francisco World Spirits Competition

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International Gin Masters (London Dry)


Silver 2020

Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Competition

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GOLD 2019

International Gin Masters (Ultra-Premium)


Media Coverage


Gin Master Asia 2020

HRAFN GIN - Valhalla

“It offers different flavours every time I came back to it. It starts off with fresh notes of juniper berry, then transitions to a significant amount of cassia. The intensity is great."...

- Alex Ko, BV Development Manager for Hong Kong's Tastings Group -

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From the Gin Shelf 

HRAFN GIN - Valhalla

“Sipping neat and juniper is at the front of the palate with spice from the cubeb and cassia bark. A huge swirl of mandarin makes for a long crisp finish. It’s an incredibly smooth and creamy gin, with huge depth of flavour. There’s a little earthiness there too from the angelica and orris root to offset the sweet spiced mandarin.” ...

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International Wine & Spirits Competition (London Dry) 2020

HRAFN GIN - Valhalla

"Balanced and complex providing a great journey through aromas and flavours. Outstanding quality with an everlasting finish."

Score: 90/100

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