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Distilled In Royal DEeside, Aberdeenshire

57.0563ºN, 2.4293ºW

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The Mystical Gin

Our signature mandarin flavours of THOUGHT & MEMORY are layered with individual distillates of precious Omani Myrrh and rare Royal Green Hojari Frankincense to create WINTER. It is then cut to 45% alcohol, the best strength in which to appreciate the mystical taste.

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Juniper Berries

Mandarin Peel

Royal Hojari Frankincense

Omani Myrrh

Coriander Seed

Cassia Bark

Cubeb Pepper

Angelica Root

Orris Root



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GOLD 2020

Gin Masters



Media Coverage


Nic's Gin and Beer

HRAFN GIN - Winter

“I take my first sip and its unbelievably floral with a smashing warmth that I wasn’t expecting.  The juniper is solid in this… It lingers through all the other botanicals. Everything comes at me in waves but the juniper keeps coming back…  Wonderful.” ...

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